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Our Values

Our aim is to provide a professional, holistic financial planning and wealth management service to our clients. We are passionate and enthusiastic about the benefits of financial planning and fully committed to helping our clients achieve their financial and personal objectives. We recognise that the most important aspect of our relationship with clients is trust and we pride ourselves on the long term relationships we build with clients. Our clients come from all walks of life but share a common goal in valuing personalised independent financial planning and wealth management advice combined with exceptional service.

The values at the heart of our Company and which our clients can expect from us are: -

Clients - Integrity - Advice & Service - Fairness - Compliance


We will, at all times, act in the best interests of our clients. We will:-

  • Always put the fair treatment of our clients at the centre of our business culture
  • Base our decisions on a clear understanding of our client needs, priorities, concerns and circumstances
  • Provide our clients with the information, of which we are aware, which is needed for our clients to make an informed decision
  • Ensure the promises we make to clients about a product's performance and our ongoing service is true
  • Respect confidential information of our clients, former clients and potential clients
  • Ensure we do not use information from work improperly and/or to our personal or business advantage
  • We will turn down work where a conflict of interest exists between us and our clients
  • We will refuse to act where a conflict of interest exists, save where acting in these circumstances is expressly permitted by our Regulator


We will, at all times, act with the highest ethical standards and integrity. We will:-

  • Be honest, trustworthy and open with our clients
  • Be reliable, dependable and respectful
  • Never take unfair advantage of our clients, a colleague or a third party
  • Not bring the financial services industry or our professional bodies into disrepute through our actions in work or outside work
  • Not offer or accept gifts, hospitality or services which could, or might appear to, imply an improper obligation
  • Promote professional standards within our industry
  • Ensure we continue to meet the standard to maintain our status as Chartered Financial Planners and Certified Financial Planners
  • Operate both professionally and in a financially responsible manner so as to avoid becoming insolvent


We will, at all times, provide the highest standard of service to our clients. We will:-

  • Communicate with our clients in a way that is accurate and straightforward and in a way that can be understood
  • Be transparent about fees and other costs
  • Ensure reasonable steps are taken to ensure all advice is accurate and suitable for our clients
  • Obtain and provide clear information at all times
  • Ensure adequate and correct records are kept
  • Act with skill, care and diligence
  • Act only within our ability and authorisation and seek help where necessary
  • Ensure our knowledge and expertise is kept up-to-date and relevant for our work including meeting our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements
  • Ensure all of our staff have appropriate training and supervision and contribute to their learning and development
  • Have a clear written complaints procedure which is followed


We will, at all times, treat people fairly regardless of race or racial group, sex or sexual orientation, religion or belief, age and disability. We will:-

  • Obey equality and diversity laws
  • Treat each person as an individual
  • Challenge and report unlawful or otherise unfair discriminatory behaviour and practice
  • Always act openly and fairly and treat colleagues, clients, and companies with equal respect and opportunity
  • Make reasonable adjustments to assist people with disabilities or particular needs we may deal with at work
  • Ensure our processes and procedures do not discriminate


We will, at all times, comply with all relevant laws and regulations. We will:-

  • Deal with regulators and our professional bodies in an open, clear and co-operative manner
  • Ensure that all correspondence and queries from regulators and our professional bodies, and others acting on their behalf, are dealt with promptly, courteously and not in a vexatious or frivolous manner
  • Work not only within the law but also within the spirit of the law
  • Ensure we are suitably authorised and regulated and have effective compliance arrangements
  • Report any breaches to the FSA and/or our Professional bodies

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