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Financial Planning

As Financial Planners we help our clients define, review and attain their financial objectives, with less risk and cost than if they attempted it themselves.

As Financial Planners we are aware of the way changes in one area will affect others and this comprehensive approach enables us to create a workable Financial Plan, always with our clients needs uppermost.

The complexity of such a task calls for very broad knowledge and resources on our part and a personal ongoing client relationship to review and modify the plan as changing circumstances demand.

There are four steps in the Financial Planning Process:

  1. Analysis of every aspect of a client's current financial situation

    A client's financial situation has many aspects (assets, income, loans, insurance, taxes, business interests, wills, to name a few) which will benefit from the careful scrutiny of a Financial Planner and we analyse these in light of our client's objectives as well as the current legal, tax and economic environments.

  2. Identification of weaknesses and recommendation of improvements

    Our objective is for clients to make best use of their assets by designing a strategy which will overcome any weaknesses in the management of their affairs and provide specific recommendations to help achieve their financial objectives.

  3. Co-ordination of the implementation of the Financial Plan

    Any Financial Plan, no matter how impressive or well designed, is worthless unless it is implemented. Therefore, we ensure that all the elements of the plan are put into effect and that the works of specialists, such as a solicitor or accountant, are co-ordinated.

  4. Review of the Financial Plan

    A Financial Plan, even if implemented properly, cannot in itself ensure attainment of a client's financial objectives. These are likely to change as personal or business circumstances change or if external factors change such as inflation, tax law or economic conditions. Therefore, it is essential to review a Financial Plan on a regular and agreed basis to keep a client's affairs under review and ensure that the Plan is still suitable to achieve their objectives.

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