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Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management service provides clients with bespoke ongoing investment advice designed to maximise the investment returns and tax efficiency of an investment or pension strategy in line with their financial objectives and risk tolerance.

Please read our Guide to Understanding Risk

There are six steps involved in the Wealth Management process:

  1. Establishing and agreeing a client’s risk tolerance

    We consider risk in terms of the client and total portfolio, not individual investments.

    We use a scientifically validated financial risk tolerance tool to assess and gain a more insightful understanding of our clients’ financial attitudes, values, motivations, preferences and experiences.

  2. Asset allocation

    Once we have agreed a client’s risk profile we establish an appropriate asset allocation.

    We strongly believe in the concept of asset allocation to reduce overall risk for a client’s portfolio. This is a strategy for maximising gains while minimising risks in an investment portfolio.

    When establishing the appropriate mix of assets we also take into account the client’s age and length of time the investment may be held.

  3. Tax wrapper

    Once the appropriate mix of assets has been agreed we then recommend the tax wrapper or combination of tax wrappers appropriate to the client’s current and future potential tax position and the specific assets being considered.

    This does not compromise the choice of investment, it merely ensures that, having made the investment choice, the ultimate return can be maximised.

  4. Choice of funds

    Only when we have agreed the appropriate risk, asset allocation and tax wrapper do we recommend the individual holdings. We typically recommend a combination of around 20 individual collective funds from leading fund managers, which are chosen based on independent research from leading independent research organisations.

  5. Monitoring investment performance

    Our funds are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they continue to perform in line with our agreed benchmark.

  6. Annual review meeting

    In addition to the ongoing monitoring of the underlying funds within a client’s portfolio it is essential to review this at least once a year in the context of a client’s circumstances. At this review we discuss specific performance of underlying investments and reconfirm the client’s risk profile.

    This is also an opportunity to rebalance the portfolio, which is the process of trimming back assets that have surged ahead and topping up those that have fallen behind.



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